Australian International Moth Association

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Upcoming events

    • 9 Jan 2024
    • (AEDT)
    • 14 Jan 2024
    • (AEDT)
    • Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania

    The 2023 2024 Australian Open Natioanal Championships will be held from the 9th to the 14th of January in the Garda of the South - Hobart. 

    Hosted by the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania, it will be a great even as anyone who went to the 2017 nationals can attest to. 

    • 15 Jan 2024
    • 21 Jan 2024
    • Lake Cathouraba

Do you have an event you wish to add, email the class secretary:

Ultimately we will provide each fleet to be able to create their own events, however at present we are working through some privacy checks before we can offer that.

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