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Upcoming events

    • 21 Jan 2023
    • 27 Jan 2023
    • St George Sailing Club

    The Notice of Race and Entry forms for the Nationals are now Available. 

    The team at St George have already kicked into gear and started planning for the next nationals. They are keen to show off their new club house and the area they love to sail. THey are pulling out all the stops to showcase this event and are promissing lots of activities on and off the water. They have assured us that they will stop at nothing to make sure our time at St George will be one fot eh

    Starting proceedings will be registration and the twilight MothGP invitation series right in front of the club followed by welcoming drinks on the 21st of January. The Proposed Main event is as follows.

    • Saturday 21st of Jan - Registration, Invitational Series and Opening Ceremony
    • Sunday 22nd Jan - 1st Race Day
    • Monday 23rd 2nd Race Day
    • Tuesday 24th Layday/Provisional
    • Wednesday 25th 3rd Race Day
    • Thursday 26th 4th Race Day
    • Friday 27th 5th Race Day and Presentation

    Please use the following link to the St George Registration page for all the information. 

    Access the NOR and Registration page Here

Do you have an event you wish to add, email the class secretary:

Ultimately we will provide each fleet to be able to create their own events, however at present we are working through some privacy checks before we can offer that.

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