Australian International Moth Association

#getamoth You know you want to

We have a membership app!!

Actually it would be better to say your membership status is available by an app available for both android and iPhone. The app contains your membership card, which you can use to prove to the world that you are an actual moth sailor and not just trying to impress on your glory, your current membership status,  and a list of all upcoming events where you will be able to access any information such as notices of race, SIs ect that we chose to post on there.You can even pay your membership like this.

The app is run by the association management software called wild-apricot. Download it, put in your username and password and off you go.

The app is free - go check it out.

This is what the card looks for Mr General Lowrider who happens to sail a lowriding moth.  Imaging showing this badboy around at the club...

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