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All boats competing in moth class events are required to be measured as a moth. This is confirmed by having a valid measurement certificate. 

The measurement forms and the class rules are on our documents page. 

A list of measurers in each state can be found on the committee page. 

In Australia, all new, re-validated or replacement certificates are issued by Australian Sailing. To obtain a valid measurement Certificate, you will either need to have an existing measurement certificate  or a measurement form and provide them to Australian Sailing.

Once a measurement certificate has been issued, the responsibility is on the skipper to ensure the boat remains within the class rules. There is no rule that requires a modified boat to be remeasured - however the skipper can choose to if they feel the modifications warrant it.

New Sails, once measured, can be added to the existing certificates.

The online application form for new and replacement measurement certificates with Australian Sailing can be found here:

Australian Sailing Measurement Application

New Boats that have never been measured

There is a bit of a process here, but anyone who has a new boat has gone through it. 

All new certificates are issued by Australian Sailing.

Neither the national association or international association can issue a new or replacement measurement certificate.

  1. Contact your local measurer and work out a time to get them to measure your brand new weapon. 
  2. Download the measurement form from the documents page and fill out your name etc 
  3. The measurer will undergo the key measurements of the boat, record them on the form and sign them
  4. Submit this to Australian Sailing along with your registration fee and they will issue you a brand new certificate for you.

Australian sailing keep a copy of your certificate to support replacement.

Second Hand Boats

  • When a boat is sold, the previous owner should forward on the measurement certificate for the boat if the boat was previously measured.

If the certificate is lost, Australian Sailing can issue a replacement in the name of the new owner based on the sail number.

If the boat was never measured, just contact the nearest measurer and get it measured as if it were a brand new boat.  

Lost Measurement Certificates

Australian Sailing keep copies of all measurement certificates to issue replacements as required.

There is space in your profile on the National Association website where you can also save the certificates.

NOTE: IMCA Australia does NOT support the use of the measurement system provided by the international association due to conflicts with Australian Data Security and Privacy Legislation.

New Sails

New sails will need a full measurement.  The process is somewhat easier than a new boat.

  1. Tee up a good time with the measurer and a location.
  2. Arrive at the location and remove Cams from the sail if it has some. 
  3. The measurer will input the figures into a spreadsheet on their computer and will come out with an answer. 
  4. If all is good, they will sign the sail and send you a copy of the calculation sheet. 

It is worth keeping this calculation sheet and you can easily save it to your own computer files or put it in your member profile if you would like. 

Second Hand Sails

A second hand sail that has been remeasured will have the measurers signature located on the starboard side of the sail near the foot.

The signature constitutes a valid measurement and a new measurement form does not need to be completed. . 

Officially, you are required to add the sails serial number to the boats measurement certificate to be valid. 

As the moth is a development class, it is not uncommon for members to modify things, or conduct "repairs" to such an extent that the validity of the measurement certificate is called into question. If there are concerns over the modification, then in response to a protest,  a measurer can re-measure a hull to determine compliance.

Don't leave sorting your measurement details to the last minute. If you are at a Nationals or Worlds and your chasing a measurement because you forgot to bring your measurement certificate, it is never a good move. either from your stress management perspective, or your ongoing good relationship with the measurer. There is a good chance that they may even charge you for it. So its a good idea to be ready early, and loading your cert to your members account is a good way to deal with it. 

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