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Congratulations to all the Winners and competitors at the 2023 International Moth Class Championships at St George Sailing Club. 

  • Overall Champion: Tom Burton
  • Lowrider Champion: Chris Musto
  • Junior Champion: Jack Ferguson
  • ladies Champion: Kirsten Norris  
  • Open Grand Masters Champion: Warren Sare 
  • Open Masters Champion: Rob Greenhalgh
  • Open Junior Masters Champion: Scott Babbage
  • Lowriders Grand Masters Champion: Chris Musto
  • Lowriders Masters Champion: Glen Oldfield
  • Lowriders Junior Masters Champion: Shane Greaves

Many thanks to all our Sponsors. 

We look forward to seeing all Competitors and Spectators at the next one in Hobart. 

The International Moth is one of the most exciting sailing boats in the world today, yet its class history is one of the oldest. The Moth is the epitome of collective thinking and benefits from very few design rules resulting in continuous evolution from low riding to be the spectacular craft you see today, but the members of the class welcome all moths and moth sailors into the fleet. As a fleet we embrace new ideas, new ways of thinking and we are accepting of it all. Although if new ideas are bad, reality hits very quickly on the water. We show that there is no one way to do anything and if you have an idea on how to do something better, this is the place to try. 

The modern moth can exceed speeds of 20knots upwind and 30 knots downwind.

Boats are made at home or professionally from any material you care to name, and we have even seen one made of bamboo. 

There are heaps of second hand boats on the market and shipping one around the world is alot lot cheaper than you think

Come have a look around, find your local class contact and get involved. 

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