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 Edinburgh Cup Report, Southport Yacht Club - October2021

Report by Peter Williamson

Slightly belated but “top shelf”nevertheless.

Firstly, what a great club! Holywell has fantastic facilities and the people running the show couldn’t have been more accomodating. I’ll be making sure the Edinburgh Cup is on my calendar for next season.

Michael Spies was the major driving force behind the regatta and I’d personally like to say “thank you and well done”. Michael spent a lot of time talking with the club and organising the event.

Another big thank you to the regatta sponsors, Arcus Wire Group, Mercedes Benz, Black Oats and Southport Yacht Club. Your support is much appreciated and we all look forward to working with you again.

Arcus Wire gave out a kit bag to everyone containing enough wire, thimbles and swages to rig up new a new set of stays (did someone mention my mast dropping adventure??), a cap, stickers and the all important bottle opener. Black Oats supplied the beer. A coincidence? I think not! Thank you Arcus and Black Oats.

I arrived at Holywell on Friday around lunchtime after battling the Ekka Show Day Mk2 public holiday, to find several moths already there. After a quick social, boats were unloaded and rigged in anticipation of a good weekend of mothing.

Tony Arends had his freshly restored Snubby there and holy crap,It’s beautiful! Tony has done a first class resto job on a boat that was destined for the fire pit.

Warwick Norton was there with “Horace” and his Redwings. Michael Spies had a whole fleet, Bunyip, Imperium, JWS and Gazelle. Kim Taylor had his redwings, Michael Kohler his McFrawd (sporting a new 1/2 cockpit). Well done Michael!

Yours truly had the “Sausage Chopper” and “Commanche 3”.

After rigging, Michael Spies went for a drift around in his freshly renovated Bunyip to make sure if floated. It did.

Saturday morning saw Steve McMullen arrive with his Redwings and a special guest appearance by Glen Thompson with his wide skiff Yatzy.

The weather forecast was looking a bit iffy for the afternoon so the fleet went out for a couple of morning races to be followed by lunch and a re-evaluation of the schedule. There was some “weather coming” Micheal Kohler…..

Racing got underway in light conditions with the lighter skippers dominating the fatty boom-ba’s. Well dominating me actually. I’m the fatty boom-ba, where’s my 20kts??? Anyway……. The racing was close and everyone finished within a few minutes of the lead boat. The second race got underway and once again the breeze was light resulting in same kind of race as the first.

Lunch and a beer was next on the agenda.

During the course of the day many ex mothies came down to the club to have a look at the boats and talk to the owners. A real treat was to have 2 of the old scows sailors reunited with the boats that they built in the early to mid 60’s. They were truly amazed that their boats were still around and in sailing condition. Lots of photos and memorabilia was shared as well as a bunch of great stories and memories. It was awesome to see and chat with these guys and for them to catch up with each other. Some had not seen each other for 40yrs or more!

It was also good to see Rod Bonner there, even if he was sailing a cat.

Laurie Deans made the journey as well and went home with another boat after doing a deal with Glen Thompson.

The lunch was eaten, the beer was consumed. The forecast was reevaluated and with the predicted storm a long way off, 3 races were scheduled for the afternoon.

Race 3 was looking good as the wind had built and Mr Boom Ba was feeling a bit more confident. Wind yes. Ability to round marks in the tide… not so much. At least I wasn’t alone in this department. I managed to hit 2 marks in the same race. Consistency? Is there a prize for that?

As races 4 and 5 were sailed, the wind dropped yet the tide did not, making for some interesting mark roundings.

Overall the racing was close with positions changing throughout. I think 5 races in one day it the most I’ve ever done! I’m glad they were not too long.

As we returned to the beach the storm warning was announced with damaging winds and hail. Boats were un-rigged and the amazing people at Holywell, moved their rescue boats into the yard so that we could put our boats undercover incase the predicted hail hit the club. The storm did arrive soon after with high wind, driving rain and some small hail. It was a relief to know the boats were safe and we were not going to arrive on Sunday morning to find a pile of “firewood” on the lawn.

Sunday we awoke to 30kts plus whooping down the Broadwater. A couple of the guys were at the club early and watched a trailer sailer motoring, bare poled and getting knocked down. A wise decision was made to abandon the day so we settled in for a coffee and/or a beer to discuss mothing and the upcoming events. The race officer found us and rightly assumed we were not going out. The boats were retrieved from their lodgings and loaded on the trailers.

The presentation took place soon after in the clubhouse, A big congratulations to Tony Arends for taking out the Edinburgh Cup for 2021.

Several of the old Mothies attended the presentation among them, original winner of the Edinburgh Cup, who presented it to Tony.

So there you have it. A great regatta with great people. So many memories remembered and new memories created.

I really look forward to next years event, we couldn’t have asked for a more welcoming and accommodating club to host us. Thank you Southport Yacht Club Holywell.

Click this link for the Channel 7 TV coverage.

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