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Modified Mach 2, foiling Moth

23 Feb 2023 11:43 | Peter MOOR

Want to buy a foiling Moth that can foil tack? Well, don't buy this one! After 3 years, and applying every known upgrade, including Mach 2.6 aero wings and trampolines, Damic Swift horizontals, longer stiffer centreboard and rudder, improved custom bowsprit, improved ride height adjuster, custom bullet proof wand and length adjuster, and push rod linkages, latest North deck sweeper, DS9, centreboard case moved forward, custom wing bar reinforcement, custom rudder frame fairing, and hull respray, this boat will STILL not foil tack!

But perhaps a younger more agile owner can prove me wrong. Only $15k ONO. 2 sails, 2 masts. photos on facebook


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