international measurers manual


Boat Registration Process

The first step involves getting an International Class Fee (ICF) plaque for your boat. 
This is a receipt for a levy imposed by ISAF on all new international class boats. Most commercial builders buy these and attach them pre delivery. 
Its the rectangular blue sticker with ISAF logo and a number.  They are also available from the IMCA Aust Secretary. The number on the plaque is your moth’s sail number.

To get your plaque, please complete the form here, to confirm details and pay via EFT transfer to the IMCA Australia here
Bank details for IMCA Australia are BSB: 082 663 Acc Number: 55 556 1653 Acc Name: IMCA Australia

Professional Moth builders may include an ISAF plaque with a new boat, or may supply one for an additional AUD $65.00 fee with a new boat.

Download an IMCA measurement form from the IMCA international site.  

Check that your boat complies with the class rules by checking yourself all the hull measurements on the form. Then contact a class measurer from the list of on this site.

Next, have your boat and sail(s) measured by one of the IMCA measurers and with the measurer, complete a copy of the three page Measurement Form.

Send the completed Measurement Form, to Yachting Australia together with a cheque for $40.00 as per the instructions on the YA web site.
Yachting Australia will update the class records on the registration database,  issue the new Measurement Certificate to the owner and send a copy to the class association.

When the boat is sold, please pass the measurement certificate on to the new owner and direct them to the Measurement Certificates page The transfer of ownership form is on the back of the measurement certificate.

Finally, ensure that the ISAF plaque is attached to your boat and that the sail number is attached according to ISAF rules to the sail(s).

Don’t be discouraged by the apparent complexity of this procedure as there are no real problems along the way. The YA is required to keep records of all international classes – hence the many steps.