Annual General Meeting Minutes: 2019

2019 AGM Minutes

Date: 9th January, 2019

Location: Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron

Chairman: Josh McKnight

Attendees: Stacey jackson, John Genders, Josh McKnight, James Hallam, Ben Newling,

Warren Sarre, Andrew McDougall, Les Thorpe, Andrew Sim, Reece Tailby, Ian Sim, Luka

Damic, Nick Deussen, Grant Rollerson, Brent Pearson and Dad, Kirsten Norris, Charlie, Rob

Greenhalgh, Matthew Chew, Keagan York, john rae, chris eddes, paul lovejoy, grahame

prosset, evan gauci, ryan Kelly hayden virtue

Meeting Opened @ 10:05am

Introduction: President’s Report

Interclubs sailing and club racing with new introduction of Bieker moths

Facebook has increased new following and social media channel awareness has seen growth Numbers of registrations are similar to Wangi National even

Not many Australian boats attended worlds in Bermuda, lowest attendance rate in a few years

State Reports:

VIC- AMAC- similar to last year, Max from perth has joined for 2019, not much racing but

plenty if development to the gear

TAS- John G- about 3 sailors- prepping for Perth Worlds

SA- No fleet- some boats mucking around- people cant find the time or spot to race

QLD- James H- some boats in Mackay- not a lot of racing, locals off doing other club events

NSW- steady with interclub racing and numbers, losing some numbers a bit says Luka,

Balmoral is increasing

WA- Nick D, Good year with acceleration due to perth worlds approaching, 15-20 boats, old

people coming out of retirement so considerably healthy fleet Perth Worlds

Major sponsor on board contributing money

Date change was a major issue

Locked in 18th Dec

NOR will be released in approaching weeks

Pick of the weather and river so promising event

Travel Subsidy

Financially stable

Drained most of the account by applying the subsidy

 Looking to remove the subsidy to keep the account healthy

 Replace with promoting the class, e.g beers after racing

 Not performing the way it was initially intended for

 Rob – who does subsidy go to? A- state qualification and minimum 2 years membership

 Intention was to attract people to events, but it is not enough at the moment

 Container helps to attract a momentum of numbers

 Travel subsidy discussion - going to the worlds in Perth would probably drain most of

the accounts if we kept that. Open to suggestions about what else we could do, eg,

putting on more local events to try to grow the class at the local level, eg a bbq or try

a moth day etc.

 Luka said: What about a subsidy for a container to ship stuff across?

 Nick’s boat only cost $300 on air road express.

 AMAC - sending a container of wasps was about $7k - only worth it if you’re sending

like 40 boats at once. Might be worth the association getting in touch with a shipping

company and getting a fixed price organised. Might be $800 return from Sydney so

might be worth looking at a container then.

Agreed that travel subsidy to be removed John proposed and Les seconded


AMAC proposed and Warren Sarre seconded

Financial Report

 Last year had drop off in numbers

 Loss for the year, $5000 to Perth for funding to the worlds

 $1300 paid out in travel subsidy for the year

 Payment of memberships? People only tend to pay if they come to an event as

opposed to being a part of the association


Les: Do we want to look at venues increasing drops in the racing?

Unfair at the moment for racing due to marine life

Rob: 2 races a day instead of 3?

Matt: How many drops?

Les: 2 drops

Les: Perhaps it can be included in future sailing instructions

Kegan: 3 a day results in 3 drops?

Les: Proposal to revise # of drops per race

Keagan: change in insurance policy

Kirstin: insurance doesn’t cover a great deal and has questioned the policy

Keagan: issue that majorly affects the moth class

Keagan: unsanctioned event- or club is not a club of YA- then you are not covered

Kirstin: you can be ‘training’ but not covered under not affiliated clubs

Grant: maybe due to 16’s insurance?

Colin sent email- he is happy to stay as Australian measurement rep

2018 saw positive development in regards to measurement

building a team of measurers across Australia

helping to reduce burden on regatta organisers with Perth 2019 on horizon

Colin will assist everyone and make rego an easier process

IMCA measurement committee are revising the measurement manual

Providing further background to measurement of the boats

Asks everyone with a measurement query to contact Colin or state measurers

IMCA are in the process of developing an online measurement database (approaching in

next 12 months)


Q: Keep the same?

Ben: is this not enough?

Nick: push back from WA about the fees as an event entry cost is $$ as well- starts to

become too much money

Luka: worth considering higher fees for those that do fewer events? Temporary

membership vs permanent?

James: it would be a financial burden to do Luka’s way

Luka: what is the value in joining?

Keagan: everyone who has a moth should be paying every year

Josh: hard for us to provide a service when we don’t even know when they’re crossing start


Keagan: membership fee cycle goes up and down around events

Reece: out of site, out of mind thing as there is no email reminder

Keagan: discount for paying on time?

Luka: wants to see more people join the association- making it compulsory at club level?

Grant: plug the insurance gap in return for the member fee?

James: trying to grow the class and paying for local events- this may support it

Kirstin: it is too hard for the association to enforce, too hard to manage to a club level

Luka: motion to the club organisers to enforce that? Compulsory as of now that?

Rob: nice idea, but not realistic

James: if there is an insurance gap- this should be compelling enough for the clubs to

enforce the member fee

Luka: raise a motion?

Josh: keep the same and look for next year

Motion by Luka: class organisers at club level need to ensure that each sailing moth is an

active member of IMCA Australia

James: anything resolved here?

James: Motion unresolved

Josh: keep the fees the same


One lap dash at lake Macquarie


Treasurer: John Genders:

Measurer: Colin Spence

Secretary: Emma Spiers

President: Josh McKnight

Meeting closed @ 10:41am

Annual General Meeting Minutes: 2017

IMCA Australia: AGM Royal Yacht Club Tasmania (RYCT) 08/01/2017 – meeting opened 10am

Warren Sare in chair.

Apologies: Colin Spence

Attendance: Warren Sare, Emma Spiers, Will Logan, Alan Goddard, Josh McKnight, Ben Newling, Steven Thomas, Matthew Chew, Alan Punch, Lloyd Edmunds, Les Thorpe, Harry Mighell, Stacey Jackson, James Hallam, Rob Gough, Grant Rollerson, Tilly Lock, Phil Stevenson, Andrew McDougall, Alan Goddard

Minutes from 2016 AGM in Sorrento distributed and accepted. Proposer: Ben Newling / Seconded: Warren Sare.

Financial report presented. We have not used the Term Deposit ($19k), active account $9k reduced to $3k as a result of travel subsidy for Perth Nationals.

Travel Subsidy proposal agreed. $100 for travelling to an adjacent state (one state travel), $300 for 2+ states travel. For 2018 travel subsidy, need to be a continuous IMCA Australia member for a minimum of 2 years.

Membership dropping. Currently 40 boats, although this number represents closely the number of entries for the nationals. Agreed to hold membership fees at $75 for a senior and $50 for a junior.

Discussion on Waszp:

  • If they attend the nationals, separate start suggested (like the 9er events).

  • Acknowledged that there is a move for separate associations around the world, separate events, e.g. they are running a separate Waszp World Championships at Campione after / separate to the moth worlds.

  • While we can encourage Waszps to turn up, they will not have a moth measurement cert, insignia, etc so can not have results counted. Cooperation but they need to comply.

  • Watching brief.

Presidents report presented. The prior year has seen stability in the class. There is little growth with a stable core of members and apparent numbers sailing at various Moth clubs in Australia. The 2017 Garda Worlds is going to be very large, with likely 200+ boats.

State reports:

  • NSW: Numbers are steady at St George, a few more new guys at Balmoral, 8 at WSC. Concern is no travel to interstate events. 15 at States.

  • VIC: Numbers are down, just Harry and Amac sailing.

  • QLD: Growing, healthy fleet out of Royal QLD; keen to host a nationals.

  • TAS: 8 boats, healthy.

  • WA: Static around 10 boats, 11-12 for States. Moving around the clubs, Friday sailing working well.

2018 Nationals at Wangi Wangi Sailing Club. The proposed Foiling Week at WSC discussed and decided that the event should be kept separate to our already committed Wangi Nationals. We should support Foiling Week as a separate event and encourage overseas sailors to attend both events. 2019 Nationals – rotation implies this is back in QLD. RQYS to put up a formal proposal next AGM.

General Business: Discussion on class promotion and encouraging activity

  • Raise junior age to 21 - Agreed. Focus on the juniors.

  • Media Officer position proposed. Agreed – Tilly Lock to provide proposal to the class for consideration.

IMCAA fees for 16/17 – agreed to stay at $75 for a senior and $50 for a junior.


  • Josh McKnight, president unopposed.

  • Emma Spiers, Sec unopposed Measurer

  • Colin Spence, unopposed. Need to have state based measurers.

  • John Genders, Treasurer, unopposed

Meeting closed. 11am